Our Story

On a mission to build cutting-edge healthcare, with women in mind first.

We're changing the narrative by bringing women to the forefront, ensuring they're not just included, but prioritised in the development of novel health technologies.

By leveraging neurotechnology, we're bringing cutting-edge brain-focused solutions out of the lab and into the homes of women everywhere, shaping a new era of understanding, support, and treatment for women's health. Our goal is to ignite the spark for a new movement - a movement led by women who deserve better, demand better, and are ready to take control of their health with an ally like Samphire by their side.


Emilė Radytė

Co-Founder & CEO

Alex Cook

Co-Founder & COO

Ervinas Bernatavičius

Systems Engineer

Sintija Raudonytė

Software Engineer

Mehr Singh


Liberty Colebourne

Biomedical Engineer

Muka Ofomata

Clinical & Ops Associate

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