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neurotechnology for Natural Menstrual Relief

Forging new pathways.

Samphire Neuroscience is a neurotechnology company dedicated to maximising wellbeing of historically underserved communities by delivering pioneering neurotechnology and evidence-based solutions for natural menstrual relief.

We see the gap left by conventional treatments and understand that they are not enough. That’s why we are forging a new path, one that is grounded in research, neuroscience and the lived experiences of people.

The promise of neurotechnology

Non-invasive and Natural Period Relief
Non-invasive and natural

Neuromodulation presents a natural, non-invasive approach to enhancing brain function, recovery and plasticity. It gently modulates neural activities, using low-current electrical pulses (natural to neurons) to optimise brain activity without any surgery or medication. Users benefit from no severe side effects or complications.

targeted relief

Through precision design, neurotechnology can target specific brain regions associated with various mental and physical symptoms, while leaving the rest of the brain and body untouched. In doing so, it addresses symptoms directly at their source, enabling a more efficient and effective treatment process.

Brain Health
boosts potential

Neurotechnology promises cognitive boosts, improving memory, attention, and learning capabilities. Neuromodulation, for example, stimulates specific brain areas, promoting neural plasticity and optimising cognitive functions. It’s a gateway to unlocking the brain’s full potential, fostering intelligence, creativity, and mental agility.

We support well-being during key life-stages


We have built the world's first Menstrual Neuromodulation Therapy (MNT) via our proprietary headband, Nettle. Nettle administers low-current electrical pulses to specific brain regions responsible for pain and mood regulation. This non-invasive neuromodulation technology is clinically proven to promote neuroplasticity and alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.

Upon launch, our device will be the first medical-grade, drug and hormone free solution to alleviate core symptoms associated with PMS, PMDD, PCOS and endometriosis.

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Menstrual Neuromodulation Therapy

Our Menstrual Neuromodulation Therapy Device was awarded Innovation of the year at the Women's Health Innovation Summit Europe

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Woman speaking about our Menstrual Nueromodulation Therapy Device

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In collaboration with Imperial College London


We are in the process of developing clinical-grade medical technologies designed to alleviate various symptoms commonly experienced during the fourth trimester.

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In collaboration with Lithuanian National Psychiatric Hospital (RVPL)


We are in the process of developing clinical-grade medical technologies designed to alleviate various symptoms commonly experienced during menopause.



Building Solutions Without Compromise

"Women's health has been notoriously under-researched and under-funded. As a result, women have been expected to compromise when it comes to taking care of their minds and bodies.

It's time for change. Through research, innovation, and a dedication to understanding the intricacies of the female brain, we're offering solutions that are effective, safe, and tailored specifically to women's needs. Women don't have to settle for less. No more compromises, just solutions you deserve."

Emilė Radytė

CEO and Co-Founder

Emilė Radytė CEO and Co-Founder Samphire Neuroscience

Forging new pathways