FireBand is a wearable medical device built to support your mind and body during your menstrual period. FireBand uses drug- and hormone-free menstrual neuromodulation therapy to manage and treat symptoms that affect women the most, from pain and cramps to low mood and fatigue.

Go beyond tracking, and start seeing improvements as early as your next cycle. 

    • FireBand 
    • Solution Bottle
    • Electrode Covers
    • Salt Sachets
    • Accessories Case
    • Towel
    • Storage Pouch
    • Medical Charger

    Only 20 minutes per session

    Backed by clinical research

    At-Home medical device

    Take control of your cycle health in just 20 minutes

    FireBand is controlled by our user-friendly mobile app, enabling you to start each 20 minute Samphire Session in a click of a button.

    Prioritise self-care and ignite your inner flame

    Setting up FireBand takes less than 2 minutes. The wearable and accessories come in a pouch that can be carried with you anywhere.

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